Saturday, November 19, 2011


On days like today, I rather wish that I kept my whole writing life a secret from my family (even though it would be impossible). If only I could have kept my querying a secret from them too, then I would feel so much better. But we as writers have to believe in ourselves, no matter who says what. We have to stay strong and keep at it.

Thank you to all my blogging friends for all your invaluable support.


  1. Aww...hope your day gets better. :)

  2. We all suffer in this way, but like you, we keep going and know that in the end it will be worth it. x

  3. Oh, that doesn't sound too good. Hope you feel better soon. Whenever I feel down about my writing, I go and read a piece that I'm really proud of. That gets the ego back to where it ought to be!

  4. Sorry for your bad day. Just keep going. Things will look brighter in the morning.

  5. Raquel - Thank you.

    Carole - Thank you. Your words are very true.

    Tonja - Thank you.

    Annalisa - Thank you so much and your tip did help me feel better.

    Donna - Thank you. I am sure it will too.


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