Monday, October 10, 2011


Last week I accompanied my two sisters to Cape Town. It is just about 50 minutes away from my small town by car, but what made it really awesome was the fact that I took the public train for the first time in my entire life.

My oldest sister commutes by train to Cape Town for work every single day. I got a little taste of what her life is like and it was amazing, scary, but amazing. If she wasn't with me though I wouldn't know which train to take when. I know most of you are thinking that I am weird for never having been on a train, but people have always told me scary stories about riding the train and so I never tried. I am glad I did though. I will definitely cut my sister a bit more slack now that I know what she has to go through every day.

My other sister took me out on the town and I saw Cape Town like I never saw it before. It is a very beautiful and lively city and if you want that constant movement around you then it is perfect for you. It was a bit overwhelming for me, because personally I can't handle too many people around me, but it was a fantastic experience. I can see why so many people prefer city life. In the end though, I guess I am just a small town girl at heart.


  1. Hooray for you and trying something new. Congrats on your new job as well. Exciting times for you.

  2. That sounds so exciting, but I'm with you 100% on being a small town girl at heart - 1 day in London and I'm fried!

  3. Better is possible - Thank you. Defintely exciting times.

    Laura - That is exactly how I felt. I was so tired I needed to sleep. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I'm with you. The hustle and bustle of too many people is not an easy thing.

  5. Found you from Melissa's blog. I use free picts whenever I can but mostly I just draw them because I got tired of finding just the right free one.

    Nice to meet you!

  6. I found my way here from someone's blog due to PIF, and I'm glad I did, because I can honestly say that I have never been on a train. Where I live, we don't use them for travel. If you don't have a car you can take a bus. :)

  7. Judie - I sometimes find that it is so crowded that I can't even think. Thank you for stopping by.

    Lydia - It is nitce to meet you too. Wow, you are very creative and talented to draw your own. Thank you so much for stopping by.

    Bailey - That is so cool because we don't really use busses here. Only for trips on holiday and stuff like that, but not for everyday use. Out favorite means of travel is also by car. It was very nice meeting you.

  8. Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

    Lola x

  9. Lola X - Thank you so much! I do appreciate you stopping by.


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