Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have officially 33 rejection letters behind my name. I got one this morning and you know what? I didn't fall apart or anything. I just took the rejection in my stride and thought about what I could do to change my luck.

So it does get better after a while or at least for me it does.

My latest rejection letter mentioned that there was nothing in my query that made her feel that my paranormal romance novel was different from all the others out there at the moment. So perhaps I should write for a different market. But that is just a thought.

Hope everyone is still doing well.


  1. I read something recently about rejection not being failure, and the only failure being giving up, so well done for deciding to look at this latest rejection as an opportunity.

    At least the agent offered some advice about why she didn't want to progress the query further. Some don't even reply.

  2. Perhaps instead of changing your genre, you should look at your query. If the agent can't see why your novel is different than others in the genre, what can you do to highlight the differences? I assume that to you your story is unique, nothing else like it. Sharpen the focus of your query. Make the agent see that as well.

  3. C D Meetens - Very true. Thank you.

    John - I didn't think of that. Thank you for the great advice.

  4. You can write a gripping query with even the most cliched story. Have a few critique partners look over the query. Send it in to Query Shark (but make sure your skin is thick first). If your story is anything like the one you posted a few months ago, it IS unique. You just need to play it up really well!

  5. If that is the case, and you are like all of the others out there at the moment - take that as a huge compliment - there are some amazing writers in you chosen genre. It is a compliment of sorts. Keep writing, keep submitting.
    Laura x

  6. The rejection does get easier, but it's still hard. Hang in there!

  7. Renee - Thank you for the awesome advice. I appreciate it.

    Laura - Thanks so much, Laura! I didn't think of it that way and I like the way you put it.

    Alison - Thank you.

  8. I know it's hard to be rejected, but I'm glad you're hanging in there!

    Hopefully the One Lovely Blog Award I've given you will cheer ya up! So come on Over Yonder... and claim it! I think it will go nicely on a shelf here. :D

  9. I admire your attitude and it will take you far. As long as you continue the query process then you have not failed. At least it was not a standard form rejection letter. The agent offered you a piece of advice (you may or may not decide to take it), but take comfort in receiving it. It means that you have something and you are ahead of most. Keep it up and it will happen.

    Good luck & keep your spirits up. The query may just need a little tweaking. Work on showing the next agent how your book stands out from the others.

  10. I admire your spirit and your attitude. Thanks for shareing with those of us who have yet to make that step in the process.

  11. Such a positive attitude. Don't give up!

  12. I like your spirit!!! All the comments above are on-point. You keep doing your thing and perfecting your work. Remember as was said in a comment, rejection isn't failure. It should be a prop!!!

  13. Bailey - Thank you so much for the award. It is very much appreciated.

    Melissa - Thank you. I will take your advice and work on the query letter.

    Judie - Thank you. I will be there to cheer you on when you take the step too.

    Better is possible - Thank you!

    Miz - Thank you so much. You are being very kind.


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