Saturday, October 8, 2011


I just want to thank Melissa Sugar at for being my 100Th follower. You are awesome. Thank you. Melissa can really do with some more followers guys so please show her some support. Thanks.

Two months ago I applied for two freelance jobs. One overseas and one in South Africa. Well, last month I got offered a job by the South African company, writing articles. I immediately accepted the job. On the 4Th of October I received my first payment which made it official. I am now a Freelance Writer.

I wanted to wait till it was official first before telling you guys. I am just happy that I can now stop job hunting. I am now a full time writer, yay. I am still pursuing publication for my Paranormal Romance novel too while my freelancing job pays the bills. I am really learning so much.

My sentence structuring is improving and believe it or not it is hard work. But I get to work from the comfort of my home. So if anybody wants to pursue freelancing, it is great, but be prepared to work hard. The plus side is that you get to do that thing you love for a living, which is writing. Also be aware that the money is not so great, but I am sure things will improve in the long run.

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