Thursday, November 4, 2010


I personally find it easy and natural to write in the first person. In fact the very first time I started writing I started off in the first person. All my projects are written from a first person perspective. I tried writing in the third person but I found it to be quite difficult and hard to tap into my characters. So I just decided that I just can't do it.

Because I am such an over emotional person it just feels so natural when I write about how my point of view character (POV) is feeling or what she is thinking. I love putting myself in her shoes. Letting myself feel what she feels, seeing things the way she does and finding the best way to describe her reaction to everyday situations.

To me it's like acting. I put myself in her shoes without ever forcing her to be in mine. I don't write about myself though I am the one playing around in my own head. What I also like about writing in the first person is that the reader discovers each new character the same way the POV character does and gets to know them just as she does. If I don't make sense I apologize. It's just hard for me to explain exactly in words how I do it. Ironic, I know, considering that I want to be a writer and that is what writers do.

For those of you that don't know what I am talking about well her is a simplified explanation:

First person narrative: the writer uses ''I said'', ''I thought'' or ''I felt'', etc.

Second person narrative: the writer uses ''you knocked on the door'' or ''you feel'', etc.

Third person narrative: the writer uses ''she/he said'' or ''she/he thought'' and so on .

There are also further sub-categories of each of the above types of narrative which I will not dare get into but you are welcome to do further research about on

So my question for you today, my lovely blog readers is ''Which point of view do you prefer when writing and why?''

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