Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lockdown helped me write

During the lockdown in South Africa (Level 5) the country came to a standstill. The whole world for that matter, as certain countries were more affected than others at the time. It’s still a crisis over most of the world, but those 5 weeks, where everything came to a standstill, was the best thing for me and my brain.

It sounds like a horrible thing to say. But for me it was as if I could think clearly. My senses get overloaded very quickly. I actually had energy for the first time in a longtime. There were less people  around. It was quiet, literally, and figuratively. It felt like I could breathe for the first time in a long time. That my brain and energy levels could recharge.

So much so that the writing started to flow, and I could actually start working on my new series. It will be a series of crime thrillers focused on catching dangerous serial killers on New Eden. A world where the remaining humans had to relocate after we killed Earth. It is like nothing I have ever written before. But it is exciting. I am a huge fan of crime fiction, mystery, as well as thrillers. I read various genres so it is in my nature to want to diversify on the genres I write. And these books are where my heart and focus is right now.

I felt like all was right in the world during that time. I could focus. My senses were alive again, and able to function as they should. And pouring my imagination and emotions out on the page. It felt so natural.

How are you doing?

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