Thursday, September 4, 2014

Social media is not the enemy

As you all know, I fear technology. Mostly because it has this tendency to malfunction around me. But, i have decided to get over my social media fear and try and join at least the basic platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Why? Well, many bloggers ask you to spread the word on those two platforms and I can never help because I don't have Facebook or Twitter. The other reason is that when I release my series, that I would want to share the release with a wider audience as well. Blogging is and will always be the type of social media I like best, but I guess one has to grow, right? I read that a lot of people don't read blogs and would be more inclined to read Facebook or Twitter. But it all scares me.

I already joined Google+ a few months ago and the only thing that annoys me is the fact that certain people only follow you so that you will follow them back and then they stop following you and in the end you are following thousands of people and only a handful of people are following you back. So maybe Google+ doesn't work like Blogging, where you should follow everyone back.

Okay, I am starting to babble. Hopefully I can join a few more social media platforms without any hassle or freaking out. What social media platform do you like? Do you think the concept of social media is scary?

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