Monday, May 26, 2014

Can I get away with only using beta-readers or am I crazy?

I'm feeling a little conflicted today and I need your help, please. I have recently read a few books about self-publishing and some of the authors mention that you should have your work professionally edited, no excuses. Others suggest using critique groups and even beta-readers to get your story into publishing shape. A very small few say that you should reshape your novel so that you are happy with it and proud to put it out into the world.

I wanted to use beta-readers to tell me what they liked and hated about the story. But do I want fellow writers to think my work is a joke, no. So, do you think one can get away with only using beta-readers, or am I being stupid?

I can't afford professional editing. My budget only covers professional formatting and e-book + print covers. When I say budget, of course what I mean is that I'm still working to make the money.

Books I have read/are still reading 
  • Ditch the Publisher (Finished)
  • Indiestructable (Finished)
  • Secrets of successful writers (Finished)
  • Write good or die (Finished)
  • The naked truth about self-publishing (Still reading)
  • Indie Author Survival guide (Still reading)

Anybody have any suggestions or further book recommendations? Thanks.

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