Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It is just one of those things

I have put it off for far too long. I have to start making the changes to my novel. For some strange reason I am frightened. What if I mess it up more than fixing it? But who cares...right? It needs to be done and the changes will make it better. I just have to take it page by page. Chapter by chapter looks freakishly scary.

On the other note, my siblings finally bought a dishwasher. I hate doing dishes, so I told them if they bought the dishwasher, i would load it. Well, the dishwasher arrived last week, but none of the plumbers we called to install it has pitched. How anti-climactic. So now, we will just have to wait till next year. What is one more Christmas of hand-washing the dishes?

My computer has been acting up again. Icons flickering and my computer putting itself on after it has been turned off and all that nonsense, so my brother suggested wiping the hard-drive. That sounded really great in theory, but the computer won't let us format it's hard-drive, or allow us to enter it's BIOS so that we can boot the computer with the erasing software. Now we will have to take it to an expert to examine. With the computer acting up, I don't want to work on any projects in case the computer crashes, or if there is still malware on the pc. My computer and I have been together for more than 10 years and knowing that it is a 2003 XP, I just can't seem to muster up the courage to get rid of it.

What are you guys doing?


  1. Hi Murees - that's bad planning, not having the plumber call - I could do with a dishwasher, but at least I don't have to do the Christmas dishes as I'll be elsewhere.

    Sorry about the computer though - the thought of losing everything is always slightly troubling .. hope it gets fixed ...

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Fingers crossed there's nothing too badly wrong with your computer! I'd be wary of using it too.

  3. Taking the novel changes page by page is a good strategy. That's what I did with mine. Plus I had a copy of the old version so if I found I hated the changes, I could go back without too much trouble. But my changes worked out pretty well, I think, and made the story much stronger.

    Sorry to hear about your other trouble, though. I wouldn't work on the computer either until I knew it was all right. Hope it's an easy fix!

  4. Advanced Merry Christmas & Happy New Year greetings and also Thanks and Smiles:) for ur support till now Dear Blogger Buddy God<3U:)

  5. Hilary - Thank you. Yes, we have had 5 different plumbers tell us they were coming and neither of them showed. It is smart of you to not have to do the dishes on Christmas. Washing the dishes always results in arguments in my house.

    Annalisa - Thanks for the support. I would really like my computer to finish malfunctioning. I don't like feeling paranoid and weary of what my computer can do or get up to.

    M.J. - Thank you. I hope to get my computer sorted out soon. I feel better knowing the page by page changes worked for you. It gives me more hope for my own creation.

    Adhi Das - Thank you. Best wishes to you to and may your dreams for 2014 come true.

  6. I hope your computer issues are solved soon, Murees. You shouldn't be afraid to make changes to your novel. I'm sure you'll like it more than before and you'll have more confidence when you're done. You weren't happy with it before, right?
    It's bound to be better. If you don't like it when you're done, just do more revising. Generally, the more you revise, the better you like it.

  7. Actually, I just started totally revamping my novel, and I mean totally, and at first it scared me too!

    I think it was just the change aspect, but now that I've started doing it, I'm really glad I did. Just keep swimming!

    Also, yeay for dishwashers!

  8. Deanie - Thank you for the encouraging words. They came at the right time. I really needed them and you are so right. I know the novel needs it.

    Katie - Dishwashers are great! You are so right. The idea of changing my manuscript is what is scaring me. Luckily I know I need to do it. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It helped me.

  9. Hi Murees,
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