Thursday, December 12, 2013

Check out The Fourth Wish

Lately I haven't had much to say or blog about. I guess I could just blame my lazy attitude on the fact that it's the holidays. But I'm still reading up on the many writing techniques, so I'm not completely lazy yet. 

You can get a free download of The Fourth Wish by Elizabeth Varadan on the 14-16th of December over here. It is a great read for kids from 8-12 years of age, but if you are like me and would like to treat the inner child in you, why not check it out?


  1. I think I'll try that, Murees. Thank you for the tip. Hope you are doing well.

  2. This time of year I miss having a little one to buy children's book for.

  3. Deanie - You are welcome. I am fine, just taking things really easy. I hope you are well.

    LD - My little cousins are so specific when it comes to their books. They tell me what books they want and are not impressed when I give them something different. Buying children's books just brings joy.

    Annalisa - You are welcome.

  4. Sometimes there's just nothing to say :)

  5. Katie - So true. Thanks for still coming over.


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