Sunday, November 17, 2013

Everything is okay again, I am back

After two days of file deletions and new antivirus uploads, my brother has fixed the problem. He said that the malware somehow got embedded in my internet software and was piggy-backing on that. All of it is just too complicated for me to understand, I am just glad that the person who was making changes to my files can't do it anymore. My brother assures me that everything is sorted out, but I am still a little paranoid about being online, especially since he said that is how the malware got installed. He said that I might have visited a website or downloaded something that was infected. I just hope that this is all over. I kind of feel icky about this whole experience.

I have antivirus software on my computer, but I still feel kind of paranoid about keeping my writing on my computer from now on. I had a backup on the flash drive and I am thinking of keeping it there and working from it. I don't like the idea of someone just accessing my computer and taking a peak into all my private stuff.

Enough of my drama. How is everything with you?

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