Monday, March 18, 2013


It feels good to blog again. My life has been crazy and not the good or fun kind. Work has become a much bigger part of my life and is demanding more of my time than I would like, but I am trying to push through, especially since jobs are so hard to come by in the first place.

I did it, I signed up for the A-Z challenge, even though I haven’t written one post to date and I know I should. I refuse to miss out on this experience again this year. I missed out last year due to work commitments and won’t do it again. I just have to think of what to write and how I am going to manage to visit blogs. But do it I shall.

My writing is going nowhere at the moment. I start something and then I don’t finish it, I just move onto the next idea, which you guys know is nothing like me. But I am sure I will figure something out.

What you are you lovely people up to? Got any news for me? 


  1. I signed up for A to Z but I haven't written any posts yet. I never do, even though I know it would be the smart thing to do.

    I prefer to wing it and see what happens. =)

  2. I started a new blog: Victorian Scribbles. I hope you'll check it out. Meanwhile, glad to read you are back in the swing of things. Good luck with your A-Z posts.

  3. Found you on the A-Z Sign up list. This is my first year doing the challenge - and what a challenge it is!! I started early since I have a looming deadline for my 2nd novel's completion before Aug.

    Anyway. I hope you stick with it! Best of luck.


  4. Good to see you {{waves}}

    I signed up for the A-Z AND Camp Nanowrimo. I have all my A-Z posts done, though some are pretty lame at the moment. I figure I can blog hop during the day (work is slow) and write early morning and after work.

    I look forward to reading your A-Z.

  5. yay for the A-Z challenge. I'll be doing it too. I'm very organised though. We'll see what happens!

  6. Good luck with it! I'm sure once you start writing the first, the others will flow.

  7. M.J. - That could be a very great strategy. I will be using it as well.

    Elizabeth - Thank you! I will definitely pop over for a visit.

    Terri - Thank you, it is very nice meeting you. I am sure you will do just fine. Best of luck to you!

    Jai - Thank you, it is nice to be back. Wow, you have a great strategy all worked out. I am sure your post are just great.

    Lynda - Great for you getting everything all organized. I am envious.

    Annalisa - Thank you, I certainly hope so.

    Kelley - Thank you and best of luck to you as well.

  8. Hi, again, Murees, thanks for stopping by my new blog and following. Glad you liked Hopkins.

  9. Just stopping by as part of gearing up for the A to Z challenge. It's great fun to check out the list of participants. There were 1316 signed up the last time I looked. Doing the complete challenge is a lot of work but you'll feel great on the last day when you know you did it.

  10. Elizabeth - My pleasure. You have a very great concept going.

    KC Kendricks - Thank you for the inspirational words, because I sure need it. It is very nice meeting you.


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