Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Until very recently I was very finicky about time. I never wanted things to take extra long, which I guess you could just call impatience. More specifically, I thought that I had to get published as soon as possible, because time was marching on and I didn't wait so long to get published.

Well, I recently learned the lesson of patience and now realize the if it was meant to be for me, then things will happen, but in their own time. All I can do is keep on writing and keep on querying. So what if it takes me ten years to get published? I got along fine before I wanted to get published and I will still get along just fine, even if I do not get published.

I am a very lucky woman in the sense that my job requires me to write Internet articles on a regular basis. So, I still get to write and I am still very much part of the writing world. As long as I am writing at all, I am happy. To get published would just be an extra bonus, but if is no longer the end of the world for me.

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