Monday, July 18, 2011


Creepy guy was at my house again this morning. Thankfully my mom was home and she told me she would take care of it this time. The creep rather left in a hurry when he noticed that I didn't answer the door this time. Thank goodness.

My mom and I are renovating our living room and let me tell you it was difficult picking up the almost 17 year old carpet, thanks to the carpet installers who had nailed down the carpet into the wooden floors. We have come halfway so far which is a relief.

I am also currently a little stuck on my current work in progress. I am 50 000 words in and now I am just stuck. Why? Because without me realising it this book is a lot more serious than my other work and I had not intended it to be at all. Now I am wondering if I really want to finish this book or just press delete and start over again.

I found a few more agents I can query, thanks to the 2011 Writers Market Book. Haven't heard back from the other agents yet, but it has been two weeks. So I am just going to keep querying agents till someone requests more material or something. I am seriously considering deleting the first two chapters of my book and rewriting the third chapter so that the novel can start with it instead. Right now my first chapter is letting me down with the querying I think. Because I don't think my query letter is that bad...but maybe I will post it on my blog and you guys can tell me if it scares you off too.

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