Friday, May 13, 2011


Nothing really awful happened to me today, which is a first and I am grateful for it. The only thing I find very weird is that some of my comments on my blog has been removed. Has anybody had a similar problem? I know for a fact I didn't remove it and it was there before I went to bed last night.

My mom seriously has a thing about Friday the 13Th. She doesn't leave the house. But this has been one of our better Friday the 13Th's.

Hope everyone survived it and that nothing bad happened to anyone.


  1. Blogger went completely out yesterday- I lost two posts and all the comments for them- but I'm grateful they were just life posts and nothing important was lost. I hope your weekend was wonderful!

  2. I lost a post (just reposted it) and comments--but Blogger seems to be working fine, now . . . thankfully!

  3. Friday the 13th has often times been a lucky day for me. Guess I'm just determined to be contrary.

  4. Yep. Blogger lost its mind on Thursday and it continued on until today.
    I found my post but lost all of my comments.
    I was lucky enough to read your sweet and supportive comments. Thanks for always being there and sending positive thoughts and vibes!

  5. I lost my comments and know a few people lost posts, as well.

    I actually had two siblings born on Friday the 13's, so we consider it a lucky day around here.

    Stopping by from the A to Z as I didn't get to explore all the blogs before it finished.

  6. Summer - I had a great weekend. Thank you for letting me know about blogger going a bit crazy.

    The Golden Eagle - I am glad you could repost. I am really happy that blogger is working again. Just a shame about my lost comments.

    M. J. - I am happy that Friday the 13TH always has a good outcome for you. I try not to let the day affect me to much. Maybe next year I can have some good-luck too.

    Heather - You are very welcome. I really believe you have the potential to be a published writer. And I just feel like it is my duty to keep encouraging you till it does happen. You deserve it.

    Shannon - I am happy that you don't let Friday the 13TH scare you off. I am going to try and not freak out about it next year. Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog.

  7. You got off lucky if you only lost a few comments. Blogger had major problems on Friday the 13th.

  8. Angela - I realize now that I was quite lucky. Hope you weren't too badly affected.


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