Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It is fiery hot here people! Seriously, it is 32 ◦C inside the house and no I am not joking. What makes it bad is that it is a very dry heat . It is like the very air you breath is warm and there is not even a hint of a cool summer breeze. I have been living in the same town all my life and every summer, I swear, it just gets hotter and hotter.

Why is the heat relevant you ask? Well, I can't seem to think in this heat. I am just sitting in front of the fan and drinking cold water. I can't imagine how the reproduction rate here—could be so high, honestly. It is scorching and you are sweating like a pig on a hot plate. The last thing I want is another hot sweaty body anywhere near me. But I guess where there is a will, there is a way. And no, contrary to what people believe about South Africa, we are not primitive people running around in loin cloths with wild animals running around. Our wildlife are in wildlife reserves and believe it or not, most of the species are endangered at the moment. So you will be very lucky if you see any wildlife that isn't a springbok, zebra or any other form of a four legged herbivore, walking around anywhere in South Africa.

We have busy cities and towns just like anywhere else in the world. And like most of the world we also have very rural areas where people prefer a more primitive kind of lifestyle. I personally think the Western Cape is the best part of the country, yes because I was born and raised here, but also because even though we have big cities and stuff, it is not as fast paced as other provinces in the country. Besides, it is beautiful here and everyone else in South Africa, comes here for a holiday. The Western Cape is just the place to be. And yes, it can be very hot in the summer.

I guess if any other South Africans from other provinces read this, I will be getting a lot of hate mail. There is a constant rivalry between the people of different parts of South Africa. Because each province thinks they are the best and get the picture. But it's not a violent type of rivalry, just a verbal one, so don't worry.

Anyway, I am going to try and resume my guitar lessons. I quite after my brother was hospitalized last year, so I am finally resuming my lessons, a year later. I am embracing my creativity and driving my brother crazy while doing it (big smile). My brother once told me, right before starting college, ''You can be anything you want, but just don't come to me one day and tell me you are an artist type person''. Ha! Ha! Ha! I am sure you can put aspiring writer under a artist type person.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day. And Unfortunately for some...I will be back soon. HA! HA! Ha!

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