Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Me, my mom and two sisters got a bit down and dirty with the power tools as we did yet another one of my moms little renovating projects. I am covered in sawdust but playing around with a few power tools is well worth it. It makes me feel all tough.

My brother, of course, was off on yet another one of his spiritual adventures (not that I have a problem with religion) but it is good that we females do handy work for ourselves. We learn to be independent and why wait for a man to do it for you when you can just as easily do it yourself? At least that is what I say. I love my brother but I can't always wait around for him to do stuff for me.

Apparently our next project is painting my one sisters room this weekend. I can't even slip away or use my "I'm sorry I am writing'' excuse because they saw me celebrate as I printed up my manuscript last night. What an idiot I can be sometimes.

So that whole rest and take it easy thing is out the window for me. But book number two is already in the works. Just taking a bit more time off before I begin again.

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