Thursday, May 27, 2010

Written Novel

I have an already completed novel that a fellow writer is reading and editing for me. I must say I have no patience left anymore. I finished the novel in March, after editing it for 3 months and waiting for my friend to finish it is driving me crazy. She has had it since April and she hasn't made much progress, which to me means two things.

One: it's not that good, if she doesn't feel captivated or inspired to want to read more.

Two: I might have absolutely no writing talent what so ever and i have been driving myself crazy for nothing.

I know I should just take a chill pill, but I am a natural worrier. I know, as if it isn't enough that I am paranoid and a complete basket case, now I worry excessively too.

I am still trying to avoid people as much as possible. It seems my Karma is all messed up. I always seem to attract violent people to me. People either want to attack me or just verbally assault me. I don't know why, maybe my family is right,maybe I am just a weirdo.

And to prove that point, I have been a team pit bull member for almost a month and nobody wants to invite me to be their friend. The only friend I have is my sister, who I made join team pit bull, just so that I didn't look too much like loser.

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I just don't want to be a failure at writing too. I am not drop dead gorgeous and I don't have a personality to die for, so I had hoped my writing was something that I could take pride in, something that for once I wasn't lousy at.

But I think I have bitched enough for one day.

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