Monday, May 17, 2010

Just when you think it is safe to rejoin the human race, someone has to prove you wrong

Don't you just hate the fact that bad people can hurt you, physically and psychologically and there is nothing that you can do about it. Sure, it keeps you alert and warns you not be as vulnerable again but still... You are the one left with all the emotional scars and if you were really unlucky, the physical ones too.
Today my day started out good, I was planning on writing to my hearts content, but I was caught completely off guard, when someone jumped over my driveway gate and tried to steal something out of my yard. Luckily the guy ran off when I confronted him.
Yes, perhaps it may sound rather over dramatic to be blogging about such a minor incident, but the last time someone broke into my house while i was still in it. And it took me months to get over it.
Stuff like this really messes with my head and my writing. And if it's not enough that my writing suffers, there is that surge of adrenalin still rushing through your blood, that makes you feel all hot and bothered. But as soon as the adrenaline is gone, you're left with a deeply worried mind and a feeling of being in constant fear for your life. And trust me, I am paranoid enough as is.
I suffer from a mild case of anti-social behaviour for the exact fear that someone, or everyone is always trying to hurt me.
But at least one good thing came of it, I started my own blog today and now I can share my writing with you.

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