Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Finding a routine

It is the end of May, and I can’t believe that we are halfway through the year. It has definitely just flown by.

My current work in progress is going well. I am enjoying my writing so much. I won’t lie, I’m still struggling to get a proper routine, or to write regularly. As I previously mentioned, I work for my sister in her Artisanal baking/ food business. So the hours are long, and the work is hard. So sometimes I’m too tired to do much when I’m done working.

But I think that is the struggle with all creatives. You have to pay the bills, as well as be true to your creative passion. So I write when I can, and make the best of that time. Some of us just don’t get to have the luxury of a routine. I know I don’t. But I fight to make time, and use it well. Everyone's life and circumstances are just different. I think I prefer not having a specific routine.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the luxury of Netflix. I have found that it really helps me unwind. These days I love those corny movies, that make you laugh, and sometimes think the acting is questionable, but my brain finds it stimulating. I can just watch one, or two, and I’m relaxed. The stress of the day forgotten.

So, how are you doing? Are you ready for the coming month?

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