Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Progress on book two

Lately it feels like everything I have posted about on here has only been negative. Well, I finally have some good news. I have finally finished the drafting stage of book two. Now all I have to do is add more description in the areas where I was vague, or delete where I tend to over explain. Then it is on to the self-editing stage. I'm still saving for professional editing. As that is my biggest weakness. Spotting my own mistakes. But I have a long list of critiques, which my editor had picked up in my first book, to look for and correct. As one tends to make the same mistakes, or use the same words repetitively.

Also, I'm still thinking of whether I want line editing, as well as copy editing, or if I can simply go with just copy editing. To be honest, I don't think my writing is that clean yet. But it is all about what my budget allows.

But all in all, it feels like a mountain has been lifted off my shoulders. I've done what I've felt was impossible. I finished this damn second book, after having rewritten, and starting over so many times in the past few years. So, as the gif suggests, I'm dancing.

How do you celebrate victories, big or small?

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