Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Every journey is different (IWSG)

I have the bad habit of always wanting everything to be perfect. That doesn’t just go for my writing it goes for all aspects of my life. I like doing research. Lots of it. So when I became serious about my writing, naturally, I did research about all aspects of it. I knew that if you did it for money that you were going to bomb. You had to love what you do. Unfortunately, I also got addicted to reading success stories of other writers who became published and was writing for a living.

I quickly learned that two writers can get the same advice and do things exactly the same and the outcome will vary. Why? Because people are different. Nobody thinks the same way. Those hardships that come your way while you are trying to reach your goal, is making you stronger and tougher. Trust me, that suffering is nothing compared to when you are published and you can’t figure out marketing:)

No matter if it is taking you twice as long as your friend, keep at it. So what if everyone you know is published but you? You will get there. I have to always remind myself of that. Sometimes it’s hard to get it through my thick skull. Only focus on what you can do. Like writing the best book you can. Don’t worry about what other writers are doing and achieving. They are not a threat. There will be enough space for your writing too. Just do what you do. You are an individual. Keep working hard and know what you want. You will get where you want to be. Just don't ever give up. 

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