Thursday, June 19, 2014

The nerve of some people

Last night I took the dogs out to do their business and guess what I saw. I have this habit of looking up and down the street when I'm outside to make sure there are no dodgy people lurking about and when I look across the street, I see someone carrying off my neighbors gardening chairs. So I screamed at the culprit to startle him, or at least make him worry that I might call the police, but no. The guy kept walking as if he owned the chairs and started cussing at me for interrupting him. Can you believe that? I get that I might not look scary, but shouldn't the fact that he was caught stealing scare him a little?

Anyway, I didn't call the police. We live two streets away from an illegal squatter camp that has just popped up one day and all the criminals head straight for it (about less than a minutes walk away), because not even the police dares to go in there and by the time the police would have shown up, he would be gone. I should mention, this is the same creepy guy I have had trouble with in the past. For some strange reason the police never do anything about him. Before we know it he is back being a nuisance.

The thing about South Africa is that it is a great country filled mostly with wonderful people, but we do have a problem with crime and criminals have so many rights that protect them that the criminals have more freedom than the non-criminals do.

Another thing, last week some guy, I don't know, went off on me on Google+ because I commented on a quote someone else had posted about "A well read woman is a dangerous creature" and apparently the guy thinks I'm a lonely feminist that will never have anything more than an empty house, plants and dogs. All just because I said I loved that quote. What the hell? Anyway, I didn't respond, because I figured that guy just wanted someone to talk to and I was so not in the mood.

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