Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Insecure IWSG

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderfully talented Mr Alex J Cavanaugh, so that writers could talk and communicate to others about the fears and insecurities that they might have. You can visit Alex Here, or you if you want to join us in discussing our insecurities on the first Wednesday of each month, you are welcome to join by going Here.

Congratulations with the 2 year anniversary Alex! Thank you for giving us writers this outlet. I bet you must be so happy and proud. It has been really fun and therapeutic to get all my insecurities out there. 

I must say that though it has been two years, I still feel insecure about certain things, but I think that is normal. I don't think that if you are a writer that you ever stop feeling insecure about your work or any of the writing processes. But I am less crazy about it all. I know I have to work on sharing my work. I always fear posting any of my writing on my blog. I fear my peers. I fear being ripped to shreds. But that kind of feedback would probably be very useful. I guess I am just secure in general. 

How about you? How is your insecurity level this month? 

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