Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have recently discovered my calming agent. That one thing that pulls me through one of those tough times, that makes me forget about all my troubles. Sugar.

Honestly. Whether it be a simple thing like a glass of coke, a bite of a chocolate bar or (pause for effect) A cupcake! Even frozen yogurt does the trick. I don't know how, I don't know why but it completely turns my mood right around.

Though I don't think eating to calm your nerves is the best thing to do. I am working on breathing techniques at the moment to deal with the stress, but if I want a quick fix, I just need to eat a sweet and I am relaxed.

Weird, I know. After my friends criticism of my novel I finally indulged on cupcakes and I felt better. And soon after that I convinced myself to accept the criticism and write it off as a way to develop a thicker skin. Because apparently you need one if you are even considering submitting your work to anyone.

But yeah, sugar. It is my friend and yet it is also my enemy. My brother always tells me ''A moment on the lips but forever on the hips''. Sad...But true.

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