Thursday, May 11, 2017

Just keep going

Hey friends. In one of my previous posts I spoke of how South Africa’s investment grade has been downgraded to junk status. The country didn’t collapse overnight, even though the tension within the country is high. There was no sudden collapse of order either.  One thing I’ve learnt about South Africans is that we are resilient and we adapt to change very quickly. We keep on surviving no matter what we are faced with. That quality alone makes me proud to be South African.

As a teenager, that wasn’t always the case. I felt like good things didn’t happen here. Or that if you wanted to achieve something or be successful, you had to be from America, for instance. Thankfully, thanks to many South Africans proving me wrong and leading the way, I’ve learnt you can still be successful in any career you want, as long as you work hard, and it doesn’t matter where you come from. I’ve never been more thankful for that lesson than I am today. Great writers from my country have shown me that I can be a good writer. That the only thing that is holding me back, is me. That is so true.

I guess we’ll see what the future holds for us over the coming months. I’m not afraid as I used to be. I have my family and I have all of you, my friends. I have all I need. In therapy I learnt that I have high self-destructive instincts. For some reason I don’t think or believe, that I, as an individual, am allowed to be happy. Crazy, right? But I’m learning how to change that. So, come what may, I’m ready and I’ll even write about it.

How are you doing?

Monday, May 8, 2017

My dream reading space

When asked, could you describe your dream reading space, or even library?

I was recently asked to do just that, and even though I had an idea, I was still caught off-guard and left speechless. So, after I had a few days to think about it, I think I finally have an answer.

I'm a visual person. I know what my idea/ vision looks like in my mind, but I'm not always good at explaining myself. Ironic for a writer, yeah? So, I'll be using images from to bring my vision to life.

I personally hate rooms that are too posh to enjoy, as you're afraid you might spill something or even cause a crease in the seating fabric. I know this because my mom has only one such room remaining in our house and that's the formal living room. I spend no time in there at all. My own style is more relaxed and rustic with a modern edge.

Comfort is important first of all. I imagine a large comfortable chair or chaise on which to lie and spend most of my day. Also, lighting is important. I would prefer reading by lamplight, or even in front of a window. I hate those bright overhead room lights. They always seem to hurt my eyes. Importantly, I need a large side table on which to place my hot chai latte and cookies. Or any other snack that is needed. Sometimes after too much sweet things I might need something salty. So yes, a big side table. A woman has to keep her options open.

Images from (Living room furniture & Lighting)
Of course a cool breeze coming in through a window in the summer days would just be idyllic. But, when winter comes and the fireplace is alight with the dance of flaming wood and glowing embers while rain beats down on the roof, now that would be my ultimate reading dream come true. I can imagine the peace and happiness right now. Also the mug of hot chai. My cellphone will be locked in a room far away, and when I'm done reading, I can write a bit too.

Naturally I would have a wall completely covered in floor to ceiling shelving, in or close to my reading space. I wasn't sure if that counts, but yes, each of my beautiful book babies would have a home on a shelf and not collecting dust on a desk or even worse, the floor (gasp).
Image from

So to break things down. Comfy (dream worthy) seating, a nice ambiance and no disturbances from the outside world.

Image from (Sectional sofas)

So dear reader, do you know what your ideal reading space, or library would look like?